The Beauty of all White

Author: LIFESTYLE·品味生活 | 2023-04-19 18:11

Most architects use white to reflect the purity of the design, because there is no extra color distraction, the design of lines and corners is more prominent. White can be the icing on the cake for the design, but also can highlight structural features, such as the landscape. The two major principles of modernism are simplicity and clarity, and avoiding the use of too many colors is the best way to achieve this goal.

Fran Silvestre Arquitect . The firm has designed all kinds of buildings, and what they have in common is all white. Chief architect Fran Silvestre's preference for minimalist form and surface finish is evident in his amazing modern design work. The reason why he chose white has a lot to do with Mediterranean architecture. "how delightful it is to imagine a white building with lime walls beautiful against the blue sky and sea. "however, some designs are not white buildings.

The all-white design of the studio is represented by a remarkable contemporary house, a cliff villa, located on the cliff of the Iberian Sea. It snuggles up on a huge rock and is a quiet and perfect refuge from the world. The building is a relatively regular volume built on the rock, which is quietly integrated into the site terrain, as if it is an extension of the natural structure. The stone-fixed structure creates a horizontal platform next to a swimming pool placed outside the site. This minimalist structure is cut from solid concrete, while the walls are covered with a layer of white plaster to achieve a pure and white aesthetic effect. In addition to the main structure, there is an 18-meter-long balcony extending in the direction of the Bali Alik Sea. The living room and bedroom are located on the second floor protruding, and the awe-inspiring panoramic view can be enjoyed through the glass exterior wall.

As an architecture firm from Valencia, Fran SiIvestre Arquitectos brings together professionals from various disciplines. In the face of each project, the team gives professional and technical responses according to the specific local environmental context, hoping that people can find beauty in the completed projects, so that everyone involved, especially users, is satisfied. Because each project will eventually become part of the occupants.