Officially founded in China in 2011 and distributed as a monthly magazine.

Officially founded in China in 2011 and distributed as a monthly magazine.

Author: LIFESTYLE·品味生活 | 2023-04-20 14:45

LIFESTYLE Taste Life magazine is one of the products of Beijing Wuxingke Culture Media Co., Ltd. The magazine was officially founded in China in 2011, in cooperation with Exclusive Advertising Agency independent media copyright, published in the form of a monthly magazine, has obtained the standard serial number and publishing license.

"LIFESTYLE Taste Life" is a trend media that focuses on fashion, business and entertainment, and hotel brand building. Each issue invites the hottest, most individual and attitude stars, artists, entrepreneurs, hotel managers and other elites to record youth attitudes and trend stories of different styles through theme blockbuster shooting. At the same time, it takes you into the world's most interesting design, the most unique fashion, the most exquisite tourism, the most charming architecture and the latest information of top brands at home and abroad, with the most outstanding form of expression and fashionable design style. to show you the most leading international way of life, so that your life is synchronized with the world.

LifeStyle Magazine has implemented a customized gifting strategy for concentrated distribution, targeting the central business districts, commercial and office centers in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. For the high-end office buildings and their immediate surroundings where the target demographics are concentrated, we have emphasized a wide display strategy. Furthermore, in actual practice, our distribution usually exceeds the planned number by two percent, with a focus on affluent restaurants, hotels, and other establishments whose clientele aligns with our target audience—those with purchasing power and a penchant for frequent travel and expenditure. The sight of LifeStyle Magazine can be seen in various high-end luxurious venues in the country, including five-star hotels, hotel-style apartments, golf courses, upscale restaurants, and membership-based clubs.

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