Cyclists' Home

Author: LIFESTYLE·品味生活 | 2023-04-19 18:01

Covering an area of 2'0 square feet, the Frogs Ho resort resort has unique scenery and unique rural style. The house for cyclists is built on a long slope of the Niagara cliff overlooking Georgia Bay in Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. Designed by Williamson Chong Construction Studio, the hut is surrounded mainly by eroded clay hills and watersheds dotted with Hawthorn trees and native grasslands. All this may not seem so impressive, but the house itself is absolutely solid.

The owners of the house are avid cyclists who stay in the 100-acre house all year round. Before the house was built, it took them a long time to learn about nearby mountain bike lanes, horse trails and trails run over by snowmobiles for future cycling. Although building the house at the top of the hill can better maintain the integrity of the whole building, in view of the owner's love for the local environment, the construction plan of the house avoids selecting a site at the top of the hill as far as possible. finally, a construction area under the hillside was selected. At present, the location of the house is also temporary, just in an area of its owner's activities.

In order to fully integrate with the local environment, the designer built a long concrete wall, symbolically encircling a space for the house and realizing a mild transition from the natural environment. The tough feeling brought by the concrete wall not only blends the environment well, but also protects against the prevailing winter monsoon. In summer, the wall, like a patio, not only provides shade, but also brings waves of cold air passively across the room.

The population is located at the west end of the concrete wall, and you can see the bar, staircase, kitchen, office, bicycle repair workshop, storeroom and machinery room. This functional area sets off the living space separated by glass and open on three sides, so that people in it can get a broader view and enjoy the beauty of the undulating hills outside the house.